kodo - soul of motion

made by hand, born with soul

hands that transform clay into emotion

Nothing can replace the skill of the human hand and the power of human touch when designing a Mazda. Kodo - Soul of Motion Design is our philosophy of breathing life and personality into our cars. Clay modellers explore ideas through clay, using their skills and emotions to shape and transform ideas into life sized models that have a soul and shape that moves people’s hearts.


Our Takumi craftsmen can shave metal to the 20th of the width of a human hair, it’s a precision and skill that’s vital to bringing our Kodo - Soul of Motion Design alive from the vision of our designers and beautiful clay models to the production line. We call it Mazda’s art of manufacturing.

master painter

the human touch

We use colour to bring the beauty of Kodo design to life. Takumi Nuri is Mazda's exclusive approach using advanced paint technology to create colours with rich depth and lustre that highlight every sensuous curve and line.

colour that moves you

Master painters use the spray gun and meticulous hand movements to add layer by layer, like an artist, and work with colour designers to pursue the ideal colour, creating beauty that captures people's hearts 

rewarding drive

human-centered design

We use advanced techniques to study how people move and react as they drive and bring engineers and designers together to design cockpits and interiors based on a human-centric approach. When driving feels natural and stress-free, it gives the driver maximum control, complete safety and the ultimate driving pleasure.

innovative design wins global recognition

award-winning cars

With over 350 awards for design and all-round innovation, from Red Dot Design to What Car? Car of the Year, Mazda's design philosophy is being recognised for offering beauty, efficiency and driving performance in one unbeatable combination.

beauty and energy created by hand

Take a look at the Mazda CX-5, created by craftsmen and Kodo Design to create the feeling of powerful forward momentum, pure agility and speed, vividly brought to life in Soul Red Crystal.

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