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Our designers create concept cars for a real purpose, not just for show. Using the philosophy and values of Kodo – Soul of Motion Design, we develop ideas that convey soul and personality. With their sense of vitality and elegant and refined looks, our concept cars reveal the next generation design that flows into the Mazda cars you drive in future, guaranteed to turn heads and quicken heartbeats.

see the future take shape

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017, Mazda unveiled two concept cars that revealed our ideas for next generation design with the Mazda Vision Coupé and the future of the compact hatchback with the Mazda Kai Concept. Our global head of design, Ikuo Maeda, explains in this video what our designers strive to achieve.

how our design thinking has evolved

Our Kodo – Soul of Motion design philosophy began in 2010. To us, a car is more than metal that moves you from one place to another; it should have a vitality that brings it alive and form a powerful bond with the people who use it. Our designers have attempted to capture this elusive quality using Kodo Design in concept cars, including the Koeru, Hazumi, MX-5 Speedster and MX-5 Spyder.


with its outstanding aerodynamic shape, low-slung cabin and broad proportions, the mazda koeru crossover suv conveys a powerful sense of speed and a formidable presence. the shape optimises airflow to enhance stability, especially at higher speeds, for an intensely enjoyable drive.



Our Kodo Design language can adapt endlessly to develop head-turning cars of any size. The Mazda Hazumi is a subcompact concept car, inspired by the idea of a small but vigorous animal. Despite its small size, Mazda refused to compromise and the Hazumi is fully equipped with advanced SkyactivTechnology.


mx-5 speedster/spyder

We pushed our lightweight fun-to-drive philosophy to new levels with the Mazda MX-5 Speedster and Mazda MX-5 Spyder concepts. Inspired by vintage classics, the Spyder features a bikini top, grille intake and special 17” wheels. The Speedster strips back the roadster to its absolute essentials for sensational open air motoring.


the power of human touch

To spark emotion in you when you see and drive a Mazda, we insist on bringing our cars to life using the skill of the human hand and the power of human touch. This devotion to handcrafted quality helps you feel the joy of driving and form a powerful bond with a Mazda.

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